Dental Water Line & Surface Swab Testers


Dental Water Line & Surface Swab Testers




The MHPC Swab Test Kit enables a fast and easy total count monitoring of aerobic bacteria in food and beverages, dental unit water, dialysate, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Millipore Samplers and Swabs simplify routine microbiological analysis of liquids and surfaces for Bioburden levels of bacteria.

The Swab Test Kit combines a Sampler with a Swab.  The Swab consists of a plastic cap connected to a polyester swab and an outer plastic sheath containing pre-measured sterile phosphate buffer solution.  The Swab enables you to monitor surface cleanliness, test machine surfaces, and reach difficult areas where bacteria can grow.

Once samples of waters and surfaces have been taken the Samplers can be incubated for 48 hours.  Alternatively, Samplers can be left at room temperature for 7 days to achieve results.  Colonies of growth can then be counted and estimated using the Comparison Chart provided.

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