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Curaprox CS Smart tooth brush…Smaller head… more filaments

Extra small brush head… but more CUREN® filaments.

Octagonal handle for the correct angle.

Incredibly soft, gentle and effective.

The CS Smart toothbrush is based on the CS5460 brush, however instead of having 5460 filaments, the CS smart has 7600 much finer filaments that are tightly packed together. This creates a much softer, more gentle brush with exceptional cleaning power.

The smaller brush head is perfect for those who require more accurate brushing and allows cleaning in tighter spaces.

The CS Smart is was developed for children over the age of 5, nevertheless, adult testers were equally impressed with the accuracy of brushing and fineness of the filaments.

• Extra small brush head for exceptionally accurate brushing
• 7’600 CUREN® filaments, 0.08 mm
• Octagonal handle for the correct angle
• Incredibly soft, gentle and effective
• Adults love it, too!

Mixed toothbrush colours in cellophane packaging.

single toothbrushes are available is the following colours;

Toothbrush yellow / Bristles blue.

Toothbrush yellow / Bristles pink.

Toothbrush purple / Bristles lime green.

Toothbrush purple / Bristles blue.

Toothbrush pink / Bristles pink.

Toothbrush pink / Bristles lime green.

Toothbrush orange / Bristles pink.

Toothbrush orange / Bristles blue.

Toothbrush mint / Bristles lime green.

Toothbrush mint / Bristles blue.

Toothbrush light blue / Bristles pink.

Toothbrush green / Bristles pink.

Toothbrush green / Bristles lime green.

Toothbrush brown / Bristles pink.

Toothbrush brown / Bristles lime green.

Toothbrush blue / Bristles lime green.

Toothbrush blue / Bristles blue.

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